Private luxury tours in Portugal

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Luxury Portugal Tours

Highlights of Portugal
(7 Days)
Porto, Douro Valley, Obidos, Lisbon, Sintra

Exclusive Portugal
(10 Days)
Madeira, Porto, Douro Valley, Lisbon, Sintra, Evora

Best of Lisbon & Beyond
(6 Days)
Lisbon, Obidos, Sintra, Evora

Romantic Portugal
(7 Days)
Madeira, Lisbon, Sintra

Traditional Portuguese Design
(5 Days)
Lisbon, Sintra

Food & Wine of Portugal
(8 Days)
Porto, Douro Valley, Lisbon, Sintra, Alentejo & Evora

Essence of Portugal
(11 Days)
Algarve, Lisbon, Sintra, Porto, Douro Valley

Multi-country Tours

Highlights of Spain & Portugal
(13 Days)
Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Seville, Evora, Lisbon, Sintra

Jewish Tour of Portugal & Spain
(15 Days)
Porto & Douro Valley, Lisbon & Sintra, Seville, Cordoba, Madrid & Toledo, Barcelona & Girona

Highlights of Morocco & Portugal
(13 Days)
Fez, High Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh, Lisbon, Sintra, Porto, Douro Valley

Spain, Morocco & Portugal
(17 Days)
Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Madrid, Marrakesh, High Atlas Mountains, Lisbon

Luxury Portugal Tours

Our Portugal tours have been designed by our in-house experts to feature the top cultural and historic attractions, excellent local food and wine, and unique activities that showcase the best of Portugal, a gem of a destination that’s sure to be a revelation.

Touring with our expert private guides is the ideal way to experience the beauty and traditions of Lisbon, including historic Moorish architecture covered in exquisite tiles, fascinating museums, boutiques specializing in handmade luxury crafts, and the best local club to hear the melancholy strains of fado music.

Beyond Lisbon, our tours feature essential Portuguese experiences such as wine touring in the Douro Valley, exploring historic Jewish sites in whitewashed medieval villages, meeting artisans in local studios, touring Roman ruins and archaeological sites, taking an excursion into the rustic Alentejo region, and walking among the castles and gardens of beautiful Sintra.

Portugal combines well with many destinations in Spain, and several of our tours feature great combinations of the two countries.

Our private Portugal tours feature:

  • Top rooms in luxury hotels
  • Private tours and transfers with your own private guides and drivers
  • Highly personalized itinerary planning
  • Expert advice from our Portugal specialists
  • Internal transportation, including flights, train tickets, as well as ground, airport and restaurant transfers
  • Local contacts at our associate offices throughout Portugal
  • Restaurant reservations, shopping recommendations, tickets to cultural events and exclusive access to local activities

All tours are private, depart daily, and can be customized to suit individual interests and schedules. Please contact us at (800) 214-8144 for more information about our luxury Portugal tours.