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December 1, 2016

The Exquisite Crafts of Nepal

shopping in NepalTraditional crafts are an important part of daily life in Nepal. They also offer many great options for travelers wanting to collect beautiful objects that directly relate to Nepalese culture.

shopping in NepalFor those interested in shopping, we arrange visits to exclusive boutiques and studios in Kathmandu and elsewhere to browse for exceptional crafts made by Nepalese artisans employing skills passed down from generation to generation.

Nepal craftsAmong the many types of Nepalese crafts that our travelers like to collect are turquoise-covered boxes and shells, high-quality cashmere pashmina scarves, cast-metal singing bowls and chimes, glass-bead necklaces that indicate the marital status and ethnicity of the wearer, and religious objects such as handheld prayer wheels, thangka religious paintings, and Buddhist or Hindu sculptures made of copper, bronze and gold.

Nepal craftsWe also take our travelers to local markets that overflow with essential Nepalese crafts such as brass tableware, copper cookware, and colorful saris and caps.

shopping in NepalContact Artisans of Leisure to learn more or start planning your private Nepal tour.

Nepal crafts

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