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April 1, 2009

A night in the Moroccan desert


One of the most-requested activities we arrange in Morocco is an overnight stay in the Sahara desert. We bring our travelers to the most scenic part of the Moroccan desert—near the most spectacular dunes—for an overnight stay in a private tented camp.

The experience is authentic Bedouin-style camping (above), with carpets on the ground of the tent, Berber musicians playing traditional tribal music at night, and a Moroccan feast (tagine, breads, and much more) for dinner.


A highlight is riding a camel through the desert in this incredibly scenic, remote part of the desert location.

Another highlight for many travelers—especially families—is sliding down the dunes (click here to view a slideshow on family travel in Morocco in our Autumn/Winter 2008 newsletter).


Another interesting feature of the desert is seeing fossils—the Sahara used to be at the bottom of the ocean and the desert is filled with fossils.


Our popular “Journey Through Morocco” tour includes a night at the private Bedouin camp  in the Sahara.

For those travelers who prefer a more luxurious (albeit less authentic) tented camp experience, we can also arrange an overnight stay at a beautiful, private tented camp (below) several hours from Ouarzazate.


Destinations:  Africa, Morocco

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