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March 31, 2009

Our favorite day trips from Prague

Most travelers fall in love with Prague and never want to leave its fairytale architecture and enchanting backstreets. Prague’s beauty and charm is obvious, but it’s the experience with our guides–who bring the history, traditions, art, architecture, music and cuisine to life–that is what our clients rave about the most. Travelers also appreciate that our luxury Prague tours include the option of visiting some of the many interesting destinations in the surrounding region.


Cesky Krumlov is a castle town with a beautiful mix of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings. UNESCO designated Cesky Krumlov a World Heritage Site, calling it “an outstanding example of a small central European medieval town.” We love introducing travelers to the neighborhoods filled with ancient houses and shops.


Silver runs through the veins of Kutna Hora, a medieval mining town that is also a World Heritage Site. For hundreds of years, silver mines and mints operated here, filling the royal Czech coffers and financing major construction projects locally and in Prague.


Another day tour option from Prague is Terezin. Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II built Terezin as a garrison in 1780 and named it after his mother, Maria Theresa. During World War II, the Nazis turned Terezin into a concentration camp for Jews from the Czech region and other European countries, as well as for Allied prisoners of war. Many Jewish musicians, writers, artists and other creative types were imprisoned in Terezin (known as Theresienstadt in German). Tens of thousands of them perished of starvation and disease from the cramped, unsanitary conditions. Many others were transferred to death camps at Auschwitz or Treblinka. During private touring, our travelers gain insight into Terezin’s tragic history while visiting its fortresses, barracks, museum and cemetery.


For those interested in Jewish touring, we also highly recommend visiting Trebic, another UNESCO town with one of the best-preserved Jewish quarters in Central Europe.

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