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March 4, 2009

Must Buy: gold in the souks of Dubai


A trip to the souks—particularly the gold and spice souks—is a must when in Dubai. These markets offer travelers a glimpse into Dubai’s past that a visit to one of the city’s modern malls does not provide. The souks are a wonderful place to purchase local goods, or to simply wander the narrow walkways, browsing the numerous stalls and stores.

The gold souk is a terrific place to buy good quality, well-priced gold jewelry; one of my most treasured purchases is a pair of 18K white-gold hoop earrings that I bought years ago. (Don’t expect much haggling here—prices are set for the most part.)

The colorful spice souk is a visual and olfactory treat, and a great place to buy Iranian saffron.


One of the best parts of a visit to the souks is getting there: crossing the Dubai Creek aboard an abra (a wooden water taxi with open sides).

Destinations:  Dubai, UAE

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