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March 30, 2016

Don’t Miss: Kou-an Glass Teahouse in Kyoto

Glass tea house KyotoIf you’re visiting Japan, we recommend venturing high into the foothills of Kyoto to visit Kou-an, a glass teahouse by renowned Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka.

Glass tea house KyotoThe clear glass roof, floor and walls of Kou-an teahouse are held together by a thin metal frame, creating a fragile, transparent structure. The teahouse lacks any of the traditional decor, such as tatami mats, painted screens and ikebana flower arrangements. However, its prismatic glass corners refract rays of sunlight into rainbow slices that float across the surfaces.

Glass tea house KyotoThe view from Kou-an teahouse is also spectacular. Installed on the Seiryu-den, a large wooden viewing platform that’s part of Shoren-in Temple, the teahouse has panoramic views over Kyoto. It’s a unique place to experience the tea ceremony, whether participating or observing, and enjoy an unusual perspective on the former Japanese capital.

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Glass tea house Kyoto

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