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March 18, 2009

Philanthropic travel in India


India is one of the best destinations for philanthropic travel, and many travelers ask us how they can contribute to local communities while touring India. It is very easy for us to incorporate philanthropic experiences into any of our private India tours–these experiences make travel in India that much more meaningful, and we consistently hear from travelers who say such experiences were highlights of their tours.

India is home to many excellent organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life of orphaned children. Upon request, we arrange for travelers to spend a few hours at group homes that are inhabited by orphaned children and their surrogate mothers. The families are delighted to meet visitors, and the experience provides travelers with a great way to give back, as well as a window into daily life in a suburban Indian village.

We also regularly arrange visits to elderly communities whose residents are not able to support their own health needs. Travelers can stop by camps throughout India that provide medical assistance, such as cataract operations (or they can bring their used eyeglasses from home and we can make a donation on their behalf without a visit to the a medical camp).

Our travelers also often visit local schools to interact with the students and teachers and perhaps make a donation towards much needed school equipment and supplies.

Contact us if you have a particular philanthropic interest that you would like to incorporate into a private luxury tour of India.


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