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Travel Gluten-Free, Vegetarian or Kosher with Artisans of Leisure

Artisans of Leisure provides global assistance to travelers with special diets or food allergies

New York, NY, October 20, 2011 – A gluten-free dinner with geisha in Japan, kosher meal delivery to hotels in Tuscany, a vegetarian dinner at an ancient monastery in Vietnam—these are a few of the recent dining experiences luxury tour operator Artisans of Leisure has arranged for travelers with dietary restrictions.

The innovative leader in personalized travel, Artisans of Leisure specializes in fulfilling individual travel dreams and requirements. The company is taking a proactive role to help ensure that travelers with dietary restrictions can travel comfortably and enjoyably during their international tours. Because several Artisans of Leisure travel experts have their own dietary restrictions, including celiac disease and vegetarianism, they understand how difficult it can be to find suitable meals when traveling overseas.

“Dealing with dietary demands while away from home is one of the biggest challenges facing a growing number of international travelers,” said Ashley Isaacs Ganz, founder and CEO of Artisans of Leisure. “Dietary requirements need not force passionate travelers to stay home or limit their international travels.”

“Travelers are so appreciative that Artisans of Leisure acknowledges their needs and goes above and beyond expectations to accommodate them,” said Ganz. “In some cases, it’s as simple as being aware that special meals are available on trains throughout Europe and ordering them for travelers in advance. In other cases, it requires considerable work to make things happen, such as flying kosher meals to a safari lodge in the remote South African bush or coordinating extensive, multi-country arrangements for a family with severe nut allergies. We also arrange unique, related activities, such as visiting an organic farm in India for a vegetarian lunch, or having a gluten-free pastry lesson with a chef in Paris.”

“We hope that more companies within the travel and hospitality industries—including tour companies, hotels, airlines and restaurants—will join us in acknowledging the needs of such travelers by providing ever more options and expertise,” said Ganz.

Artisans of Leisure assists travelers with food allergies, special diets and other food restrictions in many ways, including:

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