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Tours of the Trade

Luxury travelers can now incorporate their professional interests into their private international tours

Artisans of Leisure, the New York-based luxury tour operator, has recently introduced private activities that enable travelers to incorporate their professional interests into their cultural tours in destinations around the world.

Recent Artisans of Leisure travelers who have pioneered these activities include a doctor who toured hospitals in India with specialists in his field, a lawyer who met with judges and attended a court session in Bhutan, a teacher who observed classrooms in China and interacted with the students and teachers, an engineer who toured state-of-the-art incinerators in Japan, a trader who spent the day on the trading floor in Hong Kong, a chef who toured kitchens throughout Europe, and a real estate developer who toured green architecture projects in Australia.

“This is another way that our tours connect travelers with authentic culture in destinations around the world,” said Ashley Isaacs Ganz, president of Artisans of Leisure. “These activities offer fascinating insight into other cultures in ways that are meaningful and relevant to individual travelers.”

The activities are available for most professions and are customized to travelers’ professional interests. The activities can be incorporated into any Artisans of Leisure tour in destinations worldwide and are provided as a complimentary service for any Artisans of Leisure client.

All Artisans of Leisure tours include luxury accommodation, private sightseeing, expert planning and advice, full logistical support (including transfers, internal transportation, visa provision), access to Artisans of Leisure’s extensive international network of associate offices, and more.

Artisans of Leisure is a luxury tour operator specializing in private, customized tours in international destinations.

For additional information and details about Artisans of Leisure tours, please call 800-214-8144 or 1-212-243-3239, or visit the company’s website www.artisansofleisure.com or blogwww.artisansofleisuretraveler.com.

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