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Redefining the Notion of “Souvenirs” for Luxury Travelers

Artisans of Leisure offers global shopping excursions

For many affluent travelers, the opportunity to shop for unique, evocative items is the highlight of an overseas trip. Artisans of Leisure, a tour operator that is redefining the world of private luxury travel, has launched new shopping excursions that offer access to the world’s finest shops, marketplaces, designers, craftsmen and other sources of sophisticated goods. These excursions focus on items such as one-of-a-kind jewelry designs in Hong Kong, traditional cooking utensils in Andalusia and antique garden furniture in the Cotswolds.

“Shopping overseas is a highly experiential way of traveling,” said Ashley Isaacs Ganz, president and founder of Artisans of Leisure. “It offers an authentic window into another culture’s history, traditions, techniques and aesthetics.”

Artisans of Leisure facilitates the overseas shopping experience in five important ways:

Artisans of Leisure clients typically want shopping to be just one of the ways they experience a place. For example, clients traveling to Vietnam may know that they want to buy modern Vietnamese art, but they also want to see interesting sights, eat delicious food and meet local people. Rather than just taking travelers to galleries to purchase art, Artisans of Leisure also arranges for travelers to meet renowned artists and tour their studios. The shopping process becomes an integral part of their Vietnam cultural experience, and the art they take home is more than just anonymous decoration.

This appealing formula has worked for hundreds of Artisans of Leisure clients who have made “souvenirs” out of everything from fountain pens to commissioned tapestries. “For our clients, shopping is not just about the items they buy. It’s also about how those items reflect the life they’ve led, the experiences they’ve had and their individual style,” said Ganz. “The objects one acquires overseas remain forever imbued with the stories and memories of that place.”

Some Artisans of Leisure global shopping options:

All Artisans of Leisure tours include comprehensive sightseeing with expert private guides and drivers, carefully selected rooms in the finest luxury hotels in the world, internal transportation, restaurant and spa reservations, admission and performance fees, special amenities, access to Artisans of Leisure’s extensive international network of associate offices, and more.

Artisans of Leisure is a luxury tour operator specializing in private, custom travel arrangements in international destinations.

For additional information and details about Artisans of Leisure tours, please call 800-214-8144 or 1-212-243-3239, or visit the company’s website www.artisansofleisure.com or blogwww.artisansofleisuretraveler.com.

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