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One-of-a-kind Family Vacations for Luxury Travelers

Artisans of Leisure opens doors around the globe with new family activities

Your son likes anime, your daughter likes art, your husband likes history and you want time to shop—how do you plan a family vacation that satisfies everyone? Artisans of Leisure, a tour operator that is redefining the world of private luxury travel, introduces the solution: exclusive family activities that can be incorporated into any of their private international tours. The company has a universe of engaging family experiences at its fingertips and can satisfy almost any special request to accommodate families of all sizes, ages and interests.

“Culturally focused, educational experiences are at the heart of Artisans of Leisure’s family tours. But so is having fun and encouraging spontaneous, magical moments to happen, moments that bring families closer and create shared memories,” says Ashley Isaacs Ganz, founder and president of Artisans of Leisure. “Our new family activities are designed to do just that.”

Flexibility is the hallmark of all Artisans of Leisure tours. This is ideal for families who appreciate being able to spend each day in a way that is totally tailored to their interests, level of energy and requirements.

Artisans of Leisure family activities include:

The firsthand destination expertise of Artisans of Leisure’s travel experts and the company’s extensive network of international connections allow them to offer an incredible array of family-friendly insider experiences in each destination. All tours are private and feature the world’s finest luxury hotels, a private guide and driver for each family, special family support services and a host of unique activities personalized to each family. Artisans of Leisure also takes care of logistics such as arranging babysitters, nannies, extra beds, connecting rooms, DVD rentals, children’s menus, access to kids clubs and more.

Artisans of Leisure is a luxury tour operator specializing in private, customized international tours for highly discerning travelers. These activities can be incorporated into any Artisans of Leisure tour.

For additional information and details about Artisans of Leisure tours, please call 800-214-8144 or 1-212-243-3239, or visit the company’s website www.artisansofleisure.com or blogwww.artisansofleisuretraveler.com.

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