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The Latest Trend: A Tour Within a Cruise

Luxury travelers now want extensive private tour arrangements during their international cruises

The latest trend among affluent travelers on international cruises and yacht journeys is to book extensive customized land tours during and around their cruise schedule, according to luxury tour operator Artisans of Leisure. The company has become the go-to supplier for sophisticated travelers wanting innovative cultural touring and special access in more than 45 countries.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen an incredible increase in the number of cruise travelers who are having us arrange extensive customized private tours based around their cruise itineraries,” says Ashley Isaacs Ganz, founder and CEO of Artisans of Leisure. “Affluent travelers want highly personalized touring, and they are now demanding such tours within their cruises.”

Artisans of Leisure is seeing the greatest demand for “tours within a cruise” from three types of cruise travelers:

The “Around-the-World Cruiser”
These travelers typically take around-the-world cruises or combine multiple cruises to create trips that extend over many months. They turn to Artisans of Leisure to arrange a variety of land-based tour options, including private day tours and private multi-day land tours (generally 3-7 nights) between ports of call so they can visit highlights of each country that are often far from where the cruise ship docks. They have Artisans of Leisure arrange tours led by local historians, behind-the-scenes tours, specialized shopping, cooking classes and foodie tours, religious and family heritage tours, art and architecture tours, and other private tours and activities.

The “Private Yachter”
Artisans of Leisure is also booking a lot of highly personalized arrangements for travelers on private yachts. These travelers want to visit the cultural highlights on land, but they also want Artisans of Leisure to bring the local culture to their boat by arranging very exclusive activities (such as local experts giving lectures on board, renowned chefs conducting cooking classes on board, and renowned artisans providing hands-on lessons on board). These travelers also often request to visit places that are well off-the-beaten track but easily accessible by boat.

The “Classic Cruiser”
These travelers typically take 10- to 14-day cruises and turn to Artisans of Leisure for private shore excursions. They want to be met at each port for private day tours that focus on their interests and the highlights of each destination, such as family activities, culinary tours and special dining experiences, private museum tours, personalized shopping, and tours led by experts in history, religion, art, architecture, gardens and more.

In addition to “tours within a cruise” services, Artisans of Leisure also arranges customized pre- and post-cruise tours.

Artisans of Leisure is a luxury tour operator specializing in private, customized tours in more than 45 countries throughout Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa, South America and the South Pacific.

For additional information and details about Artisans of Leisure tours, please call 800-214-8144 or 1-212-243-3239, or visit the company’s website www.artisansofleisure.com or blogwww.artisansofleisuretraveler.com.

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