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May 15, 2009

Notes from our travelers: Sydney in a flash

This post is by travelers of ours (a husband and wife) from Maryland. They are currently on an around-the-world tour with Artisans of Leisure. Along the way, they have been sending updates about their journey to friends and family back home. They have generously allowed us to share their stories and images with our blog readers.


“Although we had just one full day in Sydney, we made the most of it with our private driver-guide.

It helped that this was the view from our hotel window…


…and the Harbor Bridge was just overhead.  We thought about climbing the bridge, but it is a 3-hour process, so we had to be content with driving over it a couple of times.


Our guide took us to a small gallery that was preparing an aboriginal art show, opening that night.

I’m a sucker for Botanical Gardens, and Sydney has a beauty.  I love wandering around and seeing the amazing vistas.


After a day spent exploring the city, including lunch at Bondi Beach…


…we went to the Opera House for a private behind-the-scenes tour, dinner, and a wonderful performance.

Our guide told us that most people assume that the exterior shells of the Opera House are plain white—and I was fascinated to find out it’s actually a design of beige and white tiles.


The famous building…up close and personal.”

– J.F.

Destinations:  Australia, South Pacific

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