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February 10, 2009

A love of lentils in India

27-Amanbagh lentil artist.jpg

The Amanbagh resort in Rajasthan has its own lentil artist, and he is seen here making a tiger out of different colored lentils for the New Year’s celebration in the resort’s courtyard. Such tedious work considering that someone inevitably walks through it! Every day at Amanbagh I saw something like this that I hadn’t noticed the day before. This same lentil artist can also be often heard playing the flute somewhere within the hotel property.

28-Indian snacks.jpg

No pretzels or protein bars in sight! These beans and vegetables are typical of the local snacks sold on the streets in India, here seen in Jaipur. The colors of India are dazzling, and the food is no exception.

Destinations:  Asia, India

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