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March 7, 2013

Must Try: A Tea Tasting in China

tea experiences in ChinaTea is an essential part of daily life in China, and learning about the many varieties of tea and the role tea plays in Chinese culture is a highlight for many travelers visiting China.

In atmospheric settings ranging from historic tea houses in Shanghai and Hong Kong to tea plantations in Hangzhou, Artisans of Leisure can arrange private tea tastings that introduce travelers to different types of Chinese tea, such as pu-erh, longjing, oolong, lotus blossom and chrysanthemum tea. During the tastings, travelers can also learn the proper way to brew and drink Chinese tea.

Another important aspect of tea culture in China is presentation, and a highlight of a tea tasting is the opportunity to see beautiful teapots, tea cups and other tea utensils.

Artisans of Leisure can arrange additional tea-related activities such as tours of tea plantations, visits to teaware museums, and shopping at the most noted tea and tea accessory shops.

Destinations:  Asia, China

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