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February 11, 2009

Seafood on the Ise Peninsula

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A seafood kaiseki meal is a must when visiting the Ise Peninsula in Japan—it is among the freshest available. Japan is known for seafood and its many preparations, ranging from such dishes as octopus tempura to the infamous blowfish sashimi. A multi-course kaiseki meal is one of the best ways to experience a variety of what the Ise Peninsula’s waters have to offer.

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As delicious as the food is, it’s also a great experience to admire all of the serving dishes as you eat. Most kaiseki meals involve more than nine courses, with dozens of small dishes that are self-contained and beautifully presented.

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We arrange private tours of the Ise and Kii Peninsulas on a request basis for travelers who want to visit an off-the-beaten-track part of Japan that is known for its incredible natural beauty, excellent seafood, and important cultural and UNESCO attractions such as the Ise Shrine and the Mikimoto pearl divers.

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